unexpected trip to rockness to do photos over the weekend. it was alright. only went down for the friday night and saturday..but still got to see frightened rabbit and bombay bicycle club which is good enough for me! first time doing photos at a festival/general live music. got a bit trampled by the angry grown men in the pit, but it was worth it.

ps. where the hell has ms dynamite been for the last 5-10 years? 


sakdidet road


hello my pretties. received this wonderful bracelet through the post today. it's probably not everyone's cup of tea but it's just so damn ugly i had to have it. from a range called Sakdidet Road that has some amazing pieces, including origami style animal rings. check it out here.


generic sunshine/nautre/river photos

i know i'm not really model material. and i actually hate being photographed. despite this i thought i'd post my new blouse/dress thing i bought yesterday. £3.99 baby!

it's so warm today. it's days like these i appreciate being a country bumpkin. awh look how pretty nature is..

shirt dress: charity shop
belt: charity shop
unitard: american apparel
clutch: thomas wylde
boots: acne