They came about after WW2, when the soldiers wore crepe soles to protect themselves from the climate/environment in the deserts of North Africa. Then the Teddy Boys picked them up in the 1950's. Again, they gained popularity thanks to Malcolm McLaren in 1970's.

2011, they iz back babeh!

1. jeepers creepers
2. christina c - lookbook
3. sydney h - lookbook
4. teddy boys
5. lovegettingdressed.com
6. apollo - monk pointed toe side buckle, underground
7. armand basi AW 09/10


acne, the good kind.

my new booties arrived today. i've been needing new black boots for a while now. when i say needing i mean wanting and when i say a while i mean when i visitied acne.com 5 days ago. love them though. OH and this dress is also a new buy, from ASOS WHITE. the kinda, 'boutique' part of asos if you will, which i quite enjoy. that's my pay cheque gone anyway...back to serving coffee to the wonderful general public!

oh. ps. american apparel clutch



university's finished until september. i've got a few things lined up for the summer but nothing that excites me beyond actually getting out of the house. it's not that i need motivation, i just need some opportunities. or my own bird nest that hands from a tree in a enchanted woodland where i can spend all day speaking to the rabbits and other furry creatures in the sunshine.

bijoux heart necklace: net-a-porter
DEDON collections oversized birds nest home
american apparel jeans
photo:luke byrne via boooooom.com