LFW - a bit late

because the glorious invention of wifi has failed me yet again in our the new flat, this is my first time online for about 3 weeks...

little bit behind, however here's some photo's taken at London Fashion Week. Just a mixture of street style, lovely recognisable blogger faces, anna dello russo and an Obscure Couture show that we managed to make it to!




just a quickie to show you my fave new shirt evuuuur. nah but seriously, it's NOT BLACK and it's sparkly. i'm really pushing the boat out...

i have the most ridiculous taking-a-photo face :/:/:/:/:/

shirt: charity shop
shorts: biba
shoes: acne
watch: michael kors
rings: various


procastination, but not really

the last 4 months have flown by...i do care, really. it's just actually having an income is my top priority. the last couple of evenings have been spend clicking refresh on net-a-porter to see if anything within my budget appears on the new page. as of yet, nothing. i did get a few nice things yesterday though, i would almost go to say that serving coffee to the sometimes ignorant and awkward general public has payed off.

Anyway, today while looking around the webiverse, i came across Odeur's new collection called Where The Shimmer Lies, love the lighting.


the real kate's dress

it maybe wasn't on the same scale as the other wedding, with the dress speculations and the grand entrance, but kate sure does looks gooooood in her John Galliano dress. 

(also really want the kate moss by mario testino book, but i can't think  of many reasons to justify spend £720 on a book. even a hardback...)

 (ps. thats the 'used' price on amazon too)

here's some pics to swoon over in the meantime.

pictures: various tumblrs, grazia.com, racked.com