steve jobs - fashion phenomenon

seriously, steve jobs. not only has he created a cult of apple obsessed freaks (me being one of them), now there's more people catching on, EVENTUALLY, to his creations. and by people i mean various high-end designers. cases for your iphone, ipad and macbook are appearing like crazy on the new page of net-a-porter. burberry, gucci, marc jacobs, vivienne westwood and ysl are all jumping on the bandwagon. but is it worth paying for a case that's 3x the price of your phone? probably not. but the phone in itself is a fashion item. i mean, i bet at least a quarter of the population of the UK have an iphone, or a blackberry (hiss). so lets all go and buy designer cases for our babies and flash them around, maybe the people with 3310's will notice them as we flick our hair back to answer our phones and think 'omg they are so cool.'  (even though they can still play snake.) 

 1. ALA├ĆA ipad (£395) 2. bottega veneta ipad(£365) 3. burberry ipad(£250)
4. gucci ipad (£150) 5. marc by marc jacobs iphone (£30) 6. mulberry iphone (£169) 
7. vivienne westwood ipad (£145) 8. nancy gonzalez iphone (£270) 9. YSL ipad (£375)

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sorry i've been such a crap blogger. here's some photos from the christmas holidays.
sun, snow, presents, going back to uni and me being a general idiot.